O1 – Migrants’ Microintegration into work life – offering new details on microintegration that „recipient labour representatives” (like trainers, coaches, but also HR counsellors/ managers at companies) could use to support the integration process better for this immigrant groups. It can help in learning and doing better in society in general.

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O2 – Migrants’ Microintegration into work and social life – mind-changers, also addressing „recipient labour representatives”, but this time more directly their point of view, their„stereotype thinking” about the the migrant population and learning possibilities helpint to raise the awareness and understanding oft he migrant popultion needs, living and emotional burden from their personal history (of fleeing, traumatic experience, leaving country and eventually family behind without return option in the near future e.g.).

  1. tolerance
  2. what is important
  3. Try something new
  4. Time waits for no one
  5. thinkbusiness
  6. The road to integration is paved with challenges
  7. The most important trip in life is meeting people half way
  8. Spoken Like A True Leader
  9. Show appreciation
  10. Proper greeting Well begun is half done
  11. prejudice
  12. Practicing tolerance
  13. Potential lies in differences, not in similarities
  14. Nurture people to nurture their growth_revised
  15. Men of quality respect women’s equality
  16. loyalty
  17. Less like a colleague, more like a friend_revised
  18. intercom
  19. integration_teambuilding
  20. Increase your market value
  21. Finding your touchstone
  22. fairness-contract
  23. Diversity as added value
  24. Different Countries, Different Approaches
  25. Competencies have no gender
  26. common values
  27. Broaden your horizon
  28. Bridge the gap
  29. blindmans buff
  30. Appreciating customs and traditions